Sulaiman Ma - Sun 1 March 2020, 11:58 pm

The Work Done:

On Monday

I went to the UQ Innovate, the tutor introduced us to many machines that will be used in the future process this semester including Bandsaw, Laser Cutting, Painter and so on. The most important part of the induction is the safety rules and using instructions. It seems that each machine is very dangerous if we used it in the wrong way. We also used some machines to cut the wooden board as below shown.

On Tuesday

In the contact session, we shared our cognition, excitement, concerns, rumors, and questions about the course. The opinion of our group is as below. After Lorna's answering, we get more clear about what we should do and what we should emphasize.


After that, we discussed what is physical computing, and tried to find some examples from the Internet. By sharing the understanding of Physical Computing, I felt confident to produce some ideas in the future. Some good examples are as below.

On Wednesday

Firstly, we discussed the 7 Grand Challenge of HCI. In my table, we focused on the Well-being, Health, and Eudaimonia. We found some positives about that. Firstly, It can produce an effective and less expensive way for people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, it encourages positive behavior and avoids harmful ones. Thirdly, it can help people do self-monitoring of their health. On the other hand, it also has some disadvantages. Firstly, the high potential for self-monitoring. Secondly, the high cost of the equipment. Thirdly,over-dependency of the electronic stuff. Fourthly, privacy threats like shown below. After different tables sharing their finds about the challenge, it gave me a lot of inspirations about which aspects to generate ideas.


After that, we were in the process of generating ideas, using the imagination and inspiration from the cipher of a different set of cards, this method improves our effectiveness of generating ideas a lot.

Imgur Imgur

And this is my sketch at that time.



One of my favorite ideas is called the Rolling Moon. The cipher is "Design for love in transportation using push it with the quality chaotic." Inspired by the sentence, mine idea is to make a ball shape transportation which can allow couples to lie in it, by using AR and VR technology, people in it will feel that they are floating in the adventure in the space, The Roller Moon will be powered by solar energy, rolling forward, but passengers will not feel dizzy or bumpy, because the body has a good suspension system. It will be enjoyable for couples to drive the transportation, lie and talk together. By designing the vehicle, it provides for couples a better experience of dating time.