Week 1 Entry 1

Thomas Saly - Thu 27 February 2020, 8:22 am
Modified: Thu 27 February 2020, 1:34 pm

Currently on my last semester of my Interaction Design Master Degree. I enjoy different form of games, both digital and physical and love playing those with friends. I also have a fondness of creating and building even though I don't have a lot of experience with it past a hobby. In addition to this I love finding solutions to problems, which I feel will be fairly useful in future jobs within my field. Over the course of the my Masters I've already learned a variety of skills, there among a collection of coding languages and tools, Interviewing and Prototyping Techniques and ways to analyse and interpret the results.

My inspirations for building come from a variety of sources, not all are active at this time such as Mythbusters, who have often build rigs and approached problems from different angles to through different iterations come to a usable solution. Similar to mythbuster, Mark Rober is a interesting builder, using similar techniques. In addition to this, although these are not directly connected to this subject, there are several youtubers that I admire and have the same iterative design process and design by exploration. There among Adam Savage's Tested, Binging with Babish, Adam Koebel, Andrew Huang and Rybonator. All these creators are mostly in wildly different fields but all have to some degree inspired me to try different things and shown time and again that trial by error and improvement through feedback is a very effective design method.

As stated above I like to build things, so what I hope to learn in Phys Comp is exactly that, using better and more advanced tools to build better things then before. I also look forward to taking UX away from UI and apply my knowledge closer to the area that I am most interested in working with, since I have no intention of working with websites but would greatly prefer working with something physical

Something I'm a little worried about is the time constraints that we will face. This is partly because, according to the semester plan we won't be starting to work on building the project before around week 6, almost halfway into the semester. This feeling become even more prominent with the aspect of allocated groups making it somewhat random how good or stressful this project is going to be.

The thing I want to achieve in this course will likely come naturally, because I simply want to build something physical, test it and improve on the design based on feedback. I want to use what I have learned from previous digitally focused subject and apply it to something physical.