Week 1 - Ideation

Jessica Jenkinson - Wed 26 February 2020, 2:29 pm
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 1:30 am

This week we began by completing various activities that encouraged us to think about the current context of technology in society. The HCI Grand Challenges task focused on one of the challenges per team, where we noted some of the positives and challenges that currently affect that area of HCI. My team's work can be seen below.

HCI Grand Challenges Task:


The Card & Cipher task was very fun and fast paced. I can struggle to begin the brainstorming process at times, and often refrain from writing down ideas unless they are "good ideas". This task helped me overcome this as it forced me to put an idea down on paper, regardless of how ridiculous or insane it was.

Card & Cipher Ideation Task: