Week 1 Intro

Nick Huang - Fri 28 February 2020, 10:39 am

About me

Hello, everyone, welcome to my blogs! This is Menghao Huang, and I usually go by Nick. I am a postgraduate majoring in the Master of Interaction Design. As this is my last semester here in UQ, DECO7385 is about to become my last course in addition to my personal thesis project. The courses of the past three semesters have brought me a lot of new experiences and at the same time, also equipped me with the knowledge and skills in the field of interaction design, HCI, etc.

Frankly, I think interaction design is a multi-disciplinary field, also because of this, I have been provided with more opportunities to acquire different knowledge, such as conducting contextual inquiry, user-centred design principles, graphic design, programming languages, connecting hardware, etc., which enables me to reap some practical and divergent experiences from these courses, I suppose that’s why I’m always glad I’m here. In this 4-units course, I also hope to gain more new experiences as well as new skills, meet some new friends and learn more from people around me.


I have heard something about this course before, such as a great sense of accomplishment, large team projects, hands-on ability and so on. I was also impressed by many of the projects on Exhibition last year, and I have to say they were so amazing. So, I'm looking forward to doing something interesting and impressive with my future teammates in this course. At the same time, I’d like to continue to gain more knowledge related to the field of interaction design, especially physical computing, like how to better integrate the digital world with the physical world by coming up with some novel interaction means. I also want to acquire some new skills related to circuit board and hardware by the project and hope to expand my skillsets. Finally, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to consider more about human value when designing and try to design for everyday life.