Week 1 - Introduction

Jessica Jenkinson - Wed 26 February 2020, 1:02 pm

I am currently in my third year of a dual Information Technology/Business Management degree majoring in UX design. I am interested in user experience and physical computing and therefore excited for DECO3850 this semester. I already feel quite confident in my visual design skills and am eager to implement them and further develop my knowledge in this area. I also learn a lot in DECO2300 which I took last semester about hardware and am familiar with Arduino which I believe will be very useful throughout this course. I am slightly concerned about the development and programming aspects of the project as I am not very confident in my coding ability. However, I feel that this is a great opportunity to improve on this through challenging myself and taking on development tasks even if it is out of my comfort zone.

I expect to have an enjoyable experience in this course. There are many areas of IT that are utilised throughout the course and the project which I enjoy and believe will make the project a genuinely fun experience for me. I am looking forward to the ideation process and hope to further improve my ability to document the ideation and design processes. My expectations also include learning how to better use hardware such as Arduino and using machinery for physical construction.