WEEK 1 Introduction

Annan Yuan - Thu 27 February 2020, 3:36 pm

Hey, my name is Annan and I'm in my final semester of studying a master of Interaction Design.

Based on the experience of doing projects in other courses (ie. design thinking, design computing studios, social & mobile computing, etc.), I‘m looking forward to the project in the PhysComp.

I am also looking forward to giving full play to my design ability and improving my programming ability in this class. (I'm a little concerned about my coding skills but I'm happy to learn.) I am very excited and hope to use physical materials to build the final product which can reflect the idea that makes us proud through our creativity in the exhibition.

It seems to me that finding an interesting idea is very important for this class, which will make me more motivated to carry out every step of the investigation, design and construction process.