Week 1 Introduction

Peiquan Li - Fri 28 February 2020, 7:33 pm

About me

I am Peiquan Li and you can call be Dennis, a fourth-semester Chinese student in UQ. I am currently studying Master of Interaction Design and I was transferred from Software Engineering due to personal interest. As for computational skills, I have learned some Python, a little bit of Android development, Cloud technologies, etc. I'd like to spend more time on front-end development, UX design, and mobile development. I’m interested in music, movies, NBA, video games, digital products and so on. I am happy to meet new friends from different cultural backgrounds and cooperate with other members of a team.

About Physical Computing

I think this course is a combination of every DECO course, it follows a similar pattern to design & develop a project. After experiencing some DECO courses including 7350, 7450, 7110, I think I will fit in with this course.

As a self-evaluation of personal skills, I can handle some coding and design works. Microelectronics will be a disadvantage for me, though, in the previous semester, I have learned DECO7230 Digital Prototyping, which helped me to get in touch with Arduino and some microcontrollers. I have tried these in my first prototype but they did not work well, so I gave up and use AR tech in my final prototype. That experience was a kind of failure to me, so I hope I could get more confidence during this semester, by learning these skills through some tutorials. Hand tools skills are unfamiliar for me, though I have paid a visit to Edge maker space, I have never learned how to use machines like 3D printers. Luckily, this course provides some tutorials for us to kick off.

After all, I hope I can enjoy this course with the whole teaching team and all classmates and get a happy ending for my master's journey.