Week 1 - Introduction & Expectation

Fardeen Rashid - Sat 29 February 2020, 4:35 pm


Hello my fellow DECO3850 blog-mates, my name is Fardeen and I am a 3rd year Bachelors or Information and Technology student. I am majoring in Information Systems and User Experience Design.

I am a hard working and determined student, I work very well in a team, I am guilty of taking charge by default however, if someone else can do the job better than me, I am more than happy to let them take lead.


I didn't have any expectations initially, but I did manage to form some expectations after the first week of classes.


We will have a functional prototype by week 13


Things will be very fast paced and our team will be required to stay on top of our game


Final week before showcase will be Insane

week1 intro expectation