Sulaiman Ma - Sun 1 March 2020, 8:22 pm

About Me

Hello everyone! my name is Sulaiman MA. I am a postgraduate of ID who is passionate about designing cool stuff relating to music and game. I am a kind of imaginative person,which also makes me a good idea producer when brainstorming. I hope to have a good time and see some really cool stuff this semester. Good luck everyone!😊


As a 4 units course, I thought we will learn more things from this course, Such as Programming technology relating to Arduino, some basic knowledge to use a basic machine to produce some medium-quality products. After attaining the UQ Innovate Induction, I feel stressed about the process of practicing my design, because of so many machines and so many rules to memorize. Hope that the tutor can give us some help when we do the production of our design.

Finally, hope everybody can have a good time, and get an ideal final outcome!💪