WEEK 1_Progress

Jenny Li - Sat 29 February 2020, 12:53 pm

Reflection of class:

The first two contact sessions in week1 help me to form a basic structure of the connection between HCI and physical computing, also an initial image of which domain I want to work on.

For the first contact, I review this course by sharing the opinions raised by others. The main point I noticed is that Lorna pointed out the point for this course is not only about how big is the final exhibition/product but mainly values the process. It is valuable advice that I think I can recall my memory and experience in Design Thinking and Social mobile. Besides the final exhibition, the design process is the most important method to measure will the product obey the HCI principle and also make sense.

The second contact run around HCI challenges. The topic I working on is Well-being, Health & Eudaimonia. After the group discussion, I find that eudaimonia is like long-time happiness with more phycological affection. It reminds me to think about the mental health aspect when coming up with the design.


Poker's game is a good way to brainstorm and come up with ideas. It is difficult but also fun to play with which encourages me to think outside the box.

The work is done:

For the first week, it is a self-ideation process and reflects on which one or more HCI challenges can be considered in the design. I formed a basic structure of my design which I want to use voice as an interaction medium. Also, the concept of my design would be related to human beings’ mental comfort and relationship harmony.

How it relate:

My design concept reflects on my HCI challenge which is about metal happiness. Also, one of the examples in class which is kind of like a mood-triggered system minds me that although the mood is hard to be captured, what people say can reflect the mood. This is why I want to use voice as my interactive medium as it can be further transferred to the information about the atmosphere or temper.

Work to do:

After deciding on the main concept and interactive medium, the next step is to add details to my design. I need to think of what will be the format of the carrier of my interactive medium and how to make it “every day”, “make sense” and “fun to play with”. Also, I need to target my user group by detailing my concept and aim.