Week 1 Project Inspiration

Wei Cui - Mon 2 March 2020, 9:04 pm

visualization of health

My concept is a portable device which visualizes health status to develop people's awareness of their health condition.

The device has ball-shaped outer shell, the digital plant inside the ball represents people's health. When people interact with it, the digital plant will show different appearance of growing. As health is abstract and may be neglected in daily life, it helps people to know their body state in an intuitive way.

Mainly, the Interaction mode is Taking the ball with you and carry out daily activities. The more energy you gained, the better the plane grows. The plant will show how your activities turn into nutrients. It's like your energy has been stored in the ball, you can see directly from the digital plant that the energy makes positive effects on your health. If you have a fairly sedentary life, the plant will grow slowly. On the contrary, if you get enough exercise, the plant will be lush and green.

The other Interaction model is when you put your hands on the ball, the sensor will detect your body temperature. If the temperature is lower than the normal level, you will see the digital plant wither away. As your body is not in a good condition. There will also be a voice reminder like "you have been in the air-conditioned room for too long, stand up and stretch your legs." Similarly, if it shows that the body temperature is a little bit higher than the normal level, the leaves of the plant will weaken and become yellow. And the voice will remind that maybe you need to have a rest.





visualization of health