Week 1 - Reflection

Fardeen Rashid - Sat 29 February 2020, 5:13 pm

When Lorna said we will be hitting the ground running, She was not joking.

Week 1 was a quite intense. Not in terms of complex work, rather the volume of information.


This day was quite important as we were given the full overview of the course. It was great meeting everyone and seeing people whom I might end up in teams with. It was quite fun finding examples of physical computing. I posted the one about the robot that picks out tomatoes from your salad, using Image recognition and machine learning.

I was there only for half the day, as I had to attend the UQ Innovate Induction from 1pm- 4pm. This was also a really good experience and I will most definitely use the facilities in the future


This day we looked at the 7 grand challenges of physical computing.

We were shortly divided into 7 tables for the 7 challenges, I was in Table 1 which was Human technology symbiosis. Our entire table came up with some cool ideas as listed in the butchers paper