Week 1 Reflection

Zhishan(Suzy) Yan - Sun 1 March 2020, 9:03 pm
Modified: Sun 1 March 2020, 10:44 pm


At the beginning of the course, we went through the course learning goals and tasks outline completely. Following that, we had discussed what our expectations are and what kind of fear we have or might be facing.

For me, I am expecting to get the most interaction design process concepts out of the course since it sounds like a big but vague title. And to be honest, I am a little worried about if I can always stay focus when attending courses that had such long hours. Plus I had no previous experience to get both my hardware and software connected. Which will be fine(hopefully haha) as long as I keep working hard on it.

Following that, we discussed and share examples of physical computing projects on Slack. I personally like the previous "MAGIC SKIRT" the most, because it combined educated and entertained experiences nicely for users. The one I picked is called " VR is doing the full-size car"https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/185109-inside-fords-virtual-reality-prototyping-lab-why-make-full-size-clay-cars-when-vr-will-do . Simply I found this is fascinating that how the traditional industry(Ford) embraces the advancement of technology.

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The first part of Wednesday is to discuss the Seven HCI Grand Challenges, and I was allocated to group 5, where we talked about accessibility and universal access. This topic is highly active engaged not only in other design courses but also in the overall research community, which is decided to ensure the product or services can be used on an equal basis with users who are old or with disabilities.

And then I got my little "Phys Comp" Box!

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In the second part of the day, we had fun but challenging project ideation, which using a set of playing cards generate a sentence to encourage fresh ideas by corresponding to a list of words. The first-round is group brainstorming, and second-round is individual ideation. Then we shared the "best of the table " with the whole class.

For me, I got "Empower Desert Fire Forever" as my keyword, and the final generation is super funny: There is a love game in the desert, where the participants need to find the frustrated partner and cheer him/her up by promising they will won’t be apart forever so they are empowered to use fire for heat to survive. And here is the first idea: The high demand in the oil production from the desert empowered the never-ended oil fires. Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot!

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