Week 1-Reflection

Jiexiang Xu - Sun 1 March 2020, 11:00 pm

Examples of physical computing

In the class on Tuesday, according to the needs of the course content, I found a website, (https://sunnie-sva-physicalcomputing.tumblr.com/), which contains 7 physical interaction cases. One of the things that interests me the most is a musical glove. After users put on this glove, when they make different gestures, different music will be produced. In addition, you can control the pitch, frequency, and volume through gestures. To a certain extent, this is a complex and complete physical interaction project. If the user is proficient, this will be a great composer.


7 HCI grand challenges

After class, I also read Seven HCI Grand Challenges and took some notes. I found that among the 4 different challenge directions I read, several challenges are repeatedly mentioned: users' over-reliance on technology / emotional issues that may arise; paying higher learning const to master the technology; human individualized demand for technology. In addition, in each sub-theme, there are also some directions that have potential and need to be explored. At the same time, these development directions are also relatively lacking in current technology.

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In class, I was assigned to a discussion about Well-being, Health & Eudaimonia. Our group discussed the positive and negative impacts that challenges may have on people and technology development. In addition, we also proposed some changes that we thought might exist, but the article did not mention the changes.



After the group discussion, we brainstormed in the form of a card game. This game is the hardest way to generate ideas I have ever done because in the process it is difficult to connect 4 different part-of-speech words together to form an interesting idea. For a long time, everyone's minds were blank, or they were always limited by some ideas that they had previously thought of. Another reason for the difficulty in generating ideas may be that the ideas generated in this way are often difficult to apply in practice, or there is no realistic contrast, so the ideas that are generated are often wild.

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In the third round of the game, since we have had another silent time to think for ourselves, everyone shared different ideas in this session. Some of these ideas are very interesting. For example, in a gym, the emotional connection between two people can be enhanced through movements. This really gave me a lot of inspiration and made me understand that the design needed for this course does not necessarily need to be confined to real life, but it needs to be sufficiently innovative and interesting.

Work to do

I don't have any inspiration for the project at the moment, so I'm going to look at a lot of creative examples on Monday and use some methods that can stimulate ideas. I found some methods online (https://www.ignitec.com/insights/five-ideation-techniques/), hoping that it can help to generate ideas. After I got creative, I planned to use the mind map method to combine all the bits and pieces that flashed in my mind and display them in the form of pictures. More importantly, listening carefully to the opinions of other speakers in the next Tuesday and Wednesday speeches is very useful for me to develop ideas.