Week 1 - Reflection & Documentation of Work

Jason Yang - Sun 1 March 2020, 9:10 pm
Modified: Sun 1 March 2020, 9:31 pm

This Week

As the first week of PhysComp comes to a close, a clear introduction was presented to us - addressing concerns, questions, and what to expect during the semester.

I'm very excited for what we can achieve in this course and very much so looking forward to the exhibition towards the end of the semester. I'm looking forward to working with the team to develop a product in which we can all be proud to showcase to the general public, fellow peers.

HCI Grand Challenge

- Challenge 5: Accessibility & Universal Access

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This week was just a taste of ideation which amplified that there are a lot of ideas out there, given the ambiguity, no restriction, judgement free space and the freedom to be as creative as one can be.

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