Sulaiman Ma - Mon 2 March 2020, 12:11 am


Since this is the beginning of the semester, so I felt a little not prepared well for the course in the first semester, I found that my preparation is too little which leading to I did not have good performance in the group discussion in class, so I need to think more and prepare more before the class for the following days. And in the process of ideation, I found one of my faults, which is spending too much time when stuck, rather than jump to another idea. Especially when we use the card to do the brainstorm. The next time of brainstorm I will try to move on fast instead of stuck on an idea too long.

Plan for Next Week

The most important thing next week is the presentation of my idea, I need to figure to use what kind of way to introduce my idea soon. Maybe I will try to use a scenario to illustrate that, it will be much easier to understand. Besides, I will go to soldering induction and space induction on Mon.and Wed. Good luck to me!