Week 10

Alistair Harris - Sun 17 May 2020, 10:47 am
Modified: Sun 17 May 2020, 10:49 am

Video Creation

As the prototype video and documentation were due on Monday, I started the week by editing the video that I had created in Adobe Premiere. I created a script so I knew what I needed to say over the top of the media and so that it met the 6-10 minutes criteria. I have used Premeire previously but it took a little while to get my self familiar with all the tools again. Once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy.


After finishing off the video and the documentation everyone submitted their work to Miro. It was actually a really good setup because we got a chance to see other peoples videos and their accompanying documentation.

Our job this week is to critique other teams projects to give them advice on how they can improve and encouragement on what they have done well. We have done a fair bit of critique work in IT so far so this isn't too hard. We need to make sure it is actionable advice rather than just saying its good or bad without a reason. I thought everyone did a really good job with their videos, the quality overall was better than I expected.

It's also great to see what other groups thought of my concept and video. Some of the key points they made about mine was:

  • Confusion about blind people guessing a charade.
  • How does the second person walk in and see the charade?
  • Conflicts with the original point about getting people off their mobile phones
  • They also suggested putting information outside the elevator.

I am going to look at all this feedback and try to improve for the final product. The point about having information outside the elevator for people to read before entering is an awesome idea and I think it's a perfect addition. This prevents the time being wasted inside the elevator and instead they are waiting for the elevator anyway so having this outside won't waste their time at all - they can either read it or not read it.