week 10

Zhuoran Li - Mon 18 May 2020, 7:09 pm
Modified: Mon 8 June 2020, 3:30 pm

Reflection of the prototype:

Having read the comments of my video, there are many things that is helpful.


Well, first of all, I'm really glad that my communication with the video has been praised by other classmates. I actually was concerned about it as I have put a lot of things into the video. Turns out, it works well. But having watched others' videos, I think I still need to focus on some of the size and sharpness of the images.


My audiences have raised the question about the concept. The original aim is to help the housework, but we might put too much effort into the game itself rather than thinking of whether it is helpful. With two modes and a collection system, I think the game might be too complicated and could influence the housework itself. As the main aim is to improve the experience of doing housework, it might be better to focus on the housework again. I might go deeper with the PVP and PVE mode. As said by another team, finding out what the teenagers really like would be helpful.

Moreover, I have not thought about the mis-scan during the housework, so, thanks for pointing that out. But now, as I would focus more on simplifying the game, I would not pay too much attention to the collection system.


I have been working with Vuforia for several weeks. From the experience and tutorial on the website so far, it is really hard to use it to make a dynamic game. So, I'm concerned about the final experience. The collapse of the AR objects is hard to simulate by using image target and when using the plane ground, it would require a long time to react on the screen. What’s more, the ball always goes through the racket because the computer needs some time to calculate. Thus, I have to control the speed of the ball to make sure there is enough time for calculating. And as the speed of the ball would not be too quick, the possibility of damaging would also be decreased.

The tutor has advised using Accelerometer. Having watched the tutorial, I think it might require too much movement on the human body, which I'm concerned would influence the housework. Thus, I would put it as a third choice.

From other teams concept

From the other's video, I have learned something about communication. First of all, it is interesting to make the video interesting. While now we are compelled to watch the video carefully, The video would not be paid attention to of the investors in the future if it is not attractive enough. I really interested in the fourth video of CDI because of the beginning. The second video of CDI gives a timeline of the whole video which is also helpful. However, some of the videos have using stationary images for a long time, and it is easy for me to lose some of the content.

My next plan

Considering the final submission would be in week 14, I plan to end all the work at the end of week 13. And I shall reserve a week's time for building and writing the portfolio.


There are two weeks for the prototype.

  • one week to try the projector

Actually, I still want to try the projector. Having to rethink the control mode, I would use a function that can help the housework. So, now I'm planning to detect the speed to control the racket. I need to use rather a speed sensor or a distance sensor.

  • one week to adjust it if successful

if the projector works well, I would definitely go with this, but need to think about the monster and the connection between players. I mean, the data transform.

  • one week to adjust the Virtual button if not successful

If the projector does not work, I would still work on the ar. But, because of the weakness of the physical collapse, I would prefer to use virtual buttons to control the rackets. The game would require less movement if I use this. The place that shows the virtual buttons could be space that is still dirty.


last week is for the portfolio. I have made the portfolio last semester for DECO7180. While it focuses more on the web building, I would use the frame of it and change the content. The work would be more on writing.