Week 10

Peiquan Li - Mon 18 May 2020, 10:58 pm

Prototype critique reflections

This week is the prototype showcase and we uploaded our video demonstration and documents to Miro board. I received useful feedback which provides a lot of reflections to the project.

Critique 1: "There is one point worth to be noted that enhanced acquisition of motor skills when rhythm or association is matched with the required movement patterns. Thus, I suggest that using different kinds of melody to motivate users in different stages of exercises. For example, soft melody for pre-event exercise and relaxation."

Reflection: This is in our design purpose and I am currently working on this with my teammate. At this stage, the pressure board is connected with the data processing component, and music is generated depends on the pressure value. The type of the music can be switched manually. We are thinking about whether to use sensors to detect different kinds of exercise and match music with them or allow users to set music type manually before the exercise. Further user research will be focused on this point.

Critique 2:"There are some elements to consider and enhance the engagement of interactions, the rhythm, styles, tempo, melody, the sound of instruments and the beat of music."

Reflection: Our team agree that the type of melody needs to be increased to fulfill the overall interactions. Right now at this stage, we have 4 types of music, additional interactions like vibation is in consider.

Critique 3:" instead of using hands to demonstrate music triggers, the movement of feet should bring more fun during exercise. If people can jump, walk, dance, move back and forward on the pleasure board, the whole process is more attractive. "

Reflection: pressure board is due to the limitation of current sensors, because the pressure sensor can only detect under 6kg weight. We are considering whether to purchase a model that can detect 100kg instead, but the delivery will be hard to estimated. In next week, we are going to prepare the materials to hold the weight of an adult first. Structural design is also required.

Critique 4: "A question about the LED lights: Is it just for indicating the intensity of the pressure or it also on the pace with the melody."

Reflection: at this stage, it is just for indicating the intensity of the pressure. But nice advice, we might find ways to pace it with the melody in the final delivery.

Project progress

This weekend, our team went to bunnings to buy some materials for the final product. At this stage, our team will work together and combine each component into one. We purchased a PVC board as a panel for our project and some 600mm shelf supports under the panel. Further constructions will be done in week 11.

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