Week 10

Jiayu Li - Mon 25 May 2020, 8:13 pm

This week I finished my first prototype, I also make the Project Objectives and Success Criteria help me estimate the project is successful.

The main purpose of this project is to solve the problem of excessive stress caused by lack of exercise among young people. So I think my project evaluation criteria should be as follows:

• Sport

This project should help users to increase exercise time and exercise initiative and should meet the amount of exercise required by users.

• Relieve the pressure

Do you feel relaxed during the use? Although the difficulty of each level is increasing, you need to be able to pass it easily without bringing more pressure.

• Boring

The purpose of this game is to make users like sports, a single sport is boring, so the game mode needs to make people feel interesting.

• Playable

This is a game, the purpose of the game is to make people interested in it. Does this mode of passing the game make users feel that this game is playable?

• Suitable for the target users

The game is designed for students, whether it highlights the characteristics of designing for students.

• Interactive

Have enough interaction


For the video part, at first, I drew a draft listing the features I wanted to describe, then wrote a speech for recording, and finally added background music and video recording

I think I got the feedback that is useful for my next step.