Week 10

Xue Xia - Thu 28 May 2020, 2:39 am

This week we have submitted our individual prototype and have down team critiques. When I have viewed the work created by others I find that a lot of them have created a prototype that is easy to be built but with an amazing concept, which makes me think about if I can change my concept to simple but novel. Some of the interaction modes inspire me as well. In my team, we shared the same problem space and the same target user. We choose to develop different ways to help university students relieve their stress. The good advice that I have gotten from the comment that others have given me is that can reward user to encourage them finished the study tasks, such as if the user can finish study task on time for six days, the time table will clean one-day study tasks for the user to relax. The other advice that perhaps useful is that changeable music can be played in the user’s break time of the study.

There are two teams give me comment that I work differently with the team space and team domain ‘body as controller’. After discussing with the tutor, I know that my problem is that I didn’t clearly describe the relationship of my concept with the team concept and didn’t meet the requirement of the body as the controller. Thus, I improve my concept this week. My concept is a box that can help students with their time management of the study. In the previous interaction that design for users to stop warning, the interaction is a touch box. There are different types of warnings that are used in different situations, but the only way that I have designed to stop all warnings is to touch the front side of the box. I would like to change it to do the gesture in front of the box, the hand gesture (date of the assignment deadline) can be used to stop the warning that works to warn the user to begin the study. The gesture can be used to unlock the box to take out the smartphone as well. There are two other ways may be used to stop the warning that is sound recognition and pressure detection on the seat, on the time that user go to relax and the time user what to keep study without relaxing.

In the technical part, I have visited the school to learn the LED strip and LCD of Arduino. I don’t know the reason why it always has a warning when I tried to learn it at home, which causes poor function on the prototype that is submitted this week. After learning them from the tutor, I find three reasons why I cannot let it work when I do self-learning. The first reason is that I didn’t do reset, reset button on the kit can be used when sometimes it cannot work. The other reason is that I don’t know the element’s name and hard to find what I need in the Arduino kit. The third reason is that I sometimes connect the electronic line incorrectly and not clearly understand how the breadboard work.

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