Week 10

Gloria Phaik Hui Cheah - Wed 3 June 2020, 11:39 pm


Learning about the different concepts were interesting, especially since one of them involved the same problem area as mine - enhancing mundane spaces. In general, the main trend I seemed to find was a unique solution that would however need more work but have potential, though sometimes hard to see how it could be executed in real life, especially with the musical test tubes.

I found it extremely innovative and amusing how each member of CDI simulated an elevator for this prototype, which was done really well and helped with visualising the prototype. Botherhood had small tweaks that could be done, but otherwise seemed viable. Most concepts though very usable, seem to be for a niche audience, mine included, which while it makes for interesting technology, could be a concern with developing it as a business product.

Summary and Response to Critiques

The response in general to the concept was favourable, though a part that confused me was a comment about using the system in the kitchen, where heat and knives would pose a danger, which was addressed in my report as an iteration from the previous feedback. I have to keep it in consideration clarity in the final submission. The main area of improvement was in demonstrating the full interactity, which I had struggled to fully exhibit due to limitations with Vuforia, and will need to do some editing for the final video if the same problem persists to give users an idea of the interactivity for accurate feedback.

Other suggestions for gameplay were given, but gameplay, rules and other additions also need to be clearly shown and stated in the final game, subject to further user testing.