Week 10

Fardeen Rashid - Sun 21 June 2020, 1:32 pm

Prototype appraisal:

Here is my video from my last week’s demo presentation and appraisal for my prototype

I managed to successfully complete and submit this assignment while having other major assignments due at the same time. Our entire team were able to do the critiques very well. We all watched the videos together while discussing what to say about each team member of that team. Once we completed all the critiques, I was responsible for submitting most of them onto the Miro board so the other teams can see. All the videos we saw were done pretty well however some of their did not get the point across fully and therefore, the concept was a bit hard to understand.



Here are some of the feedback I got for my video presentation which you can cheque On YouTube on the link provided above.

The first one was by Dimitri, he had some really good ideas for doing some testing to improve the prototype and I was glad to see that he mentioned the bop it toy as that was one of our initial inspirations when creating ITSY, I do believe if I was able to do some more testing I could have gone in more refined prototype however this was a bit difficult with all the Corona virus restrictions .


A similar thing was said by C.Lee where they really liked my overall concept however they wanted to be a bit more interactive as also mentioned by Dimitri above.


Lastly, the feedback from Lorna was quite helpful as she pointed out that it would have been better if I implemented the prototype inside the plush toy for the demo. which I completely agree with however but given the complete change in interaction from my initial design, I did not have time to do that however I will be creating a better version soon .