Week 10 – Appraisal Week

Liony Lumombo - Sun 17 May 2020, 8:54 pm

I finished the prototype, including the document and the video seconds before the due time. And I think that the video is not good enough to give the information about what is my concept. That's why in the comment I got, the other team didn't understand about it. I will need to spend more time in the editing next time.

Other points that I got from the comments are:

  1. Specific target audience. I mentioned in the document that my target audience is children, but I didn't put the specific age range. It was pre-teens. But recently because of lack of testing, I changed the target audience as everyone who doesn't have a background of the coding—one of the comments mentioned about visual impaired users. This group will not be a problem as this game will be played in the short-range from the eyes. I predicted that the issue would not come from users, but instead from the quality of the projector.
  2. Add some features to improve the prototype. Some comments mentioned about the features that can be added to the prototype such as: 1) Rewards that will be added to improve the prototype as the initial plan, 2) Output or maybe they mean the feedback (already put into the prototype (green for correct and red for incorrect)) but need the improvement of the visual so it can be more interest the users, 3) More players, this features is always in my mind. But I only can do for two players for now. I will try to create it for more people, but my focus is solely on the two-player game, 4) The animation is the best way to make the game fun and not static. Users will not get bored, especially when they are in thinking mode.
  3. More complex content of knowledge. Only for this prototype, there is only one question. As the plan, there will be more questions and will increase based on the update of the product. Even for the market version, this product should have a database to save the questions and answers and change every period. One comment mentioned the questions that can be modified by users. I think that is not a good idea. This product is to teach the users the coding that will give them knowledge. It always is better to make and modify the questions based on the experts.

During the contact session, our group discussed the appraisal for the team we are assigned. We wrote points of the comments related to the work from each of us, and then we did the combination into 300 words appraisal.

For the prototype, I didn't improve it for this week, and I will do it for next week. I need to finish my other assignment from a different course. I hope this semester will end well and don't destroy our mind. Haha.