Week 10 - Appraisals

Anshuman Mander - Sat 16 May 2020, 11:17 pm


Not much has happened since last week in terms of concept development and prototype build. During the studio and workshop, the team spent the time on team appraisals, going through prototypes together and discussing them. From the appraisals we were given, there were a few common critiques mostly every prototype had -

  1. Intended Experiences - This was common in almost every prototype. Many people hadn't thought about what experience their prototype delivers to stakeholders and what emotional responses are triggered when people interact with the prototype. Intended experience is one of the major contributor to the progress of concept.
  2. Interaction Paradigm - I think students had hard time understanding what it is so, many documents didn't have a clear indication of what interaction paradigm exists within their concept. This is also my weak point, I do understand part of it but need further clarification.
  3. Problem space - Some students had mentioned interactions and activity that solves their problem space but how the activity achieves this was not made clear. A clear link between the problem and how the solution solves it betters the understanding of concept.

Overall, I think students worked hard on their videos and all components of prototype were well defined in it. The purpose of pointing out the areas above is for me to pay more attention to them. I had considered the areas when planning the interactions but hadn't thought about them well enough, something I aim to do for the final deliverable. Also, from other student's appraisals on my video, there were a few key findings -

  • Negative and positive interactions should be more balanced.
  • In addition to smile, more facial expressions like red eyes when angry would give robot more character.
  • There needs to be more anthromorphic feedback.

These are some points I aim to look at and work on in the upcoming weeks.