Week 10 - Documentation & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Fri 15 May 2020, 9:16 pm


The method our team have used to provided feedback for the other three teams was that each of us noted down the feedback towards the project and discussed and shared our ideas together and then incorporated into one. The projects I have reviewed were really inspiring, and Twisted is one of the concepts I really like in terms of the physical interactions and the way it engages user with the prototype. Team X is another interesting project, which it uses sound, light and visual feedback to motivate people to exercise. I am interested about one of the prototype, which uses neo pixel as a progress bar to encourage user to complete the whole exercise set, since the way of using lights to represent the progress is an innovative way and can directly present to the users when they are doing exercises.

Reflection on individual project

After reviewing the different prototypes, I have some reflections on my own work:

  • The content of the video should include more aspects on the technology use to build the prototype
  • Whether focusing on just one game or remaining on building three challenges
  • The prototype may not allow children to have much physical movement when they interact with it