Week 10 Journal

Sicheng Yang - Mon 18 May 2020, 4:59 pm

Work done & Reflection

This week is mainly appraisal. Our group watched videos and documents from HiDistinction, Hand Gang and ZooKeeper. Some of them inspired me. For example, Kasey used 3D printing to make the shell is very pleasant. Although the technology behind is not complicated, the effect after careful design is very good. The hand made by Ryan is also very interesting. Although the function is not yet complete, it shows a strong playful attribute. If we take classes offline, we may experience these prototypes up close.

Kasey's work Matt's work

It also made me think more. My thesis is also making deign project for environmental protection and energy saving, and some literature I read about points out that people are easy to feel guilty in the negative feedback of energy saving and finally sacrifice their comfort. In the end they would stop using such products quickly. Therefore, we should try our best to provide positive feedback to users to encourage them to protect environment. I found some connection between my project and ZooKepper’s work, so I also fed this view to them. But this is a more conceptual suggestion. I wonder if giving this advice in the 10th week can really help.

In addition, I also saw Matt's decompression device, which was made using materials that are easy to find in life, such as roll paper. This also reminds me that I use a hanger to fix the display. This semester everyone is constantly developing in simplicity. But if there is a chance, I still want to make a good-looking shell for my device to present it to users more meticulously.

Finally, we discussed the final exhibition. I suddenly thought that my device, as a wearable device, has a small display screen and can only be seen by the user. This can be a challenge when stream online, because audiences on the other side of the screen may be difficult understanding what is happening. An alternative approach is that I may be able to connect my prototype to the computer with a cable and make a simulated display and show it to the audience, or I can find a way to hang a camera behind my head. I personally prefer the former.

my small screen