Week 10 - Prototype Appraisal and Reflection

Sean Lim - Mon 18 May 2020, 4:03 pm
Modified: Wed 27 May 2020, 4:38 pm

What did we do this week?

For this week, we have successfully submitted all of our prototypes and I am so glad that we have managed to finish everything despite having tons of assignments. I was amazed to see all the cool and interesting prototypes that my classmates have produced, and we were tasked to give prototype appraisals for a few of the teams. For team critiques, our team decided to watch the videos together and discuss the strengths and weaknesses for each individual’s prototype and integrating our feedbacks together. Most of the videos were done pretty well, however, there were some videos that didn’t explain the concept in detail and luckily there was the prototype documentation to help us understand the concept better.



I went through all of the commands for my prototype video and summarise what I think that is important to improve for my prototype. One of major concerns that I need to look into is how I can improve teaching concentration for my target users as I do agree with Team Twisted that my interaction mode requires users to work with precision and coordination. I will have to do more research regarding this problem and also getting more feedback from contextual inquiry. Having colour randomisation to ensure my target audiences learns about colour will be my main goal for the upcoming prototype.

  • Positive reward that encourages them to keep going and that they are doing well (More audio feedback introduces to reward users when the user correctly removes the bees)
  • Teaching concentration of young age is not really talked about that much
  • Colour sensor is quite disjointed from the main interaction and ways to integrate the colour theory element seamlessly should be explored.
  • Colour randomisation to ensure learning as opposed to memorisation
  • Shapes could also be introduced to enhance the complexity and learning outcomes for users
  • Different users could be assigned different tasks which could encourage teamwork and consequently enhance the user’s communication and problem-solving skills
  • More of a concentration exercise rather than helping kids to learn about colours

What is my plan for this week?

  • Discussing with my team on how we can integrate our prototype together