Week 10 Session 2

Chuike Lee - Sun 21 June 2020, 9:35 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 9:35 pm

Neopixels to be included: changing lights in the box/cubes


Format, singles powered by Arduino

At this stage the major concern for the project is the form of the physical interaction. That is, what physical objects will be used to interact with the carpet interface. This has posed a problem as a result of the feedback received from the video prototype appraisals. The challenge pointed out was that the glove form of interaction can be a point of frustration for the young target audience. As a result of pointing this out I am revising the form at this stage of the project.

There is a justification attached to the form of interaction being gloves. An activity common with being creative for children ages 3-5 is that they enjoy finger painting activities. They enjoy using their hands, getting their hands messy while playing with paint. It presents multiple dimensions of this activity and its contribution to the direction of the Interactive Colour-Mixing Carpet(ICMC). Finger painting not only uses hands for interaction but it also introduces playful interaction with colours and colour mixing.

The whole interaction and concept of finger painting informed the decision to use gloves as a form of interaction for the ICMC. However, based on feedback received I am revising this form. The major challenge here is to revise the form of interaction while maintaining the “essence” of finger painting interaction. That is, the use of hands to playfully interact with colours and colour mixing.

In an effort to maintain this playfulness I started by investigating colour coded cubes instead of the gloves for interacting with the carpet. I adapted this more of interaction from one of the concepts inspiring the ICMC and that is called “Connecting Train Block”. The interaction is depicted in the video below.

The new intention here is, I will use blocks representing its colour with neo-pixel lights (in a sense the light will be in the box and therefore a light box/ light cube).