Week 11

Rhea Albuquerque - Fri 22 May 2020, 11:17 am

This Week

This week was a bit of a break from tinkering with Energy Saving Emily. I was catching up on all my other courses and their assessments. I feel like I am starting to wind down the semester at this point in time and starting to lose motivation to work on the build of the final prototype. I think after this week's break I will start working on it again and hopefully finish and finalize the core components.

I managed to do some planning before the Wednesdays studio session. I want to write down the core functionalities I want Emily to show during the demo. Some of the feedback stated I may have overlooked other energy appliances in the home. Which I have and I want to try and implement them as well. I feel at this point temperature is a hard one to monitor and can vary on the season, weather, and users' preference for how they want their home to feel. Below are some of the notes:


Moving Forward

I need to start working on my portfolio code and how I want to present my work on a website. I think I will need to first compile a bunch of photos and videos during the whole project phase. I will need to sketch up text boxes and how each page will look. I also want to get the Text-to-Speech functionality working. To date I have struggled to find a text library that has all the words I want to use.

Inspiration This week

I think this week has been a matter of organizing my calendar and building motivation to finish all my assessment for the semester. I have been looking at Pinterest and scrolling through the many ideas. https://www.pinterest.com.au/whilehesnapping/organizing-the-calendar/