Week 11

Jiexiang Xu - Mon 25 May 2020, 12:59 am


This week's work seems to have stalled because I and other team members were confused and slacked off after handing in the first prototype. But in fact, the deadline for the next assignment is coming. So next week we need to re-plan future work to ensure efficiency. There hasn't been much work progress this week. We just planned for new materials.

Because the chemical equipment we used in the previous prototypes were all children's toys, they are small in size and not easy to distinguish in appearance, such as beaker and jar. So we discussed whether these materials should be replaced.

For the dropper, because we had expected a similar situation before, we bought more droppers in advance. But after we received the goods this week, we discovered that its volume is smaller than the dropper we are using, which means it is not suitable. But we don't have more time to buy new ones.


In addition, we also tried to find bottles similar to beakers in Kmart and Target, but they were not suitable. We also try to search some professional chemical equipment made of glass on the Internet. But they are all sold in sets (we don't need so many identical experimental equipment). So after the discussion, we decided to give up replacing the equipment and still use the equipment from the first prototype.


As I said in the previous journal, we also need to purchase vibration sensors. We have found the right one.


And, we also need to replace a development board because we need more I/O interfaces. When searching, there are two development boards that meet our needs, but we don’t know what is the difference between these two boards. We asked Clay on slack, but he did not reply. So we will ask others.

Imgur Imgur

For the beauty of the equipment (this is also our future design consideration), a customized box will be made to place the experimental equipment. It looks like a shelf, but there is space inside for the breadboard and the Raspberry Pi (we will borrow the Raspberry Pi from Lorna to replace the computer, because this Raspberry Pi is similar to a microcomputer). In addition, for the wires installed in test tubes, droppers, beaker and jars, we plan to use tape to wrap them into a thick wire, so that the appearance will not be particularly messy.

Next step:

  • Planning for future progress
  • Purchase the necessary materials
  • Design the appearance of the shelf and try to make it