week 11

Xue Xia - Mon 15 June 2020, 10:13 am
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 12:41 am

This week I focus on building the prototype. First, I need to list the details of the functions that I need to achieve which include the interaction plan and the technique that needs to be involved in the plan.


Then, I have learned how to use the servo motor, the ultrasonic sensor, and the flex sensor base on the sample on the Arduino tutorial. I have built them in one breadboard and have made sure each of them can run as what is supposed to be by using the sample code in the Arduino tutorial.


Then, I tried to make them work connectively as I am expected in my concept. First, I am working on using the ultrasonic sensor to close the light of the led strip. This function presents that the user can use their gesture to close the warning. After the user turns it off, the warning will warn again in a few seconds (simulate, actually should be 45 minutes later) to remind the user again. It is a function that can be used to remind the user to do study, to have a break, and to go back to study. After doing coding, I just can use the ultrasonic sensor to close the light, but cannot let it reopen automatically with a changed light effect and then close it by the distance sensor as a loop. I will go to the on-campus workshop to consult the tutor about it in next week.

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Then, I tied to let the flex sensor and the ultrasonic sensor control the servo motor. It present that user needs to bend their finger (flex sensor) on the top area of the box (ultrasonic sensor) to lock and unlock (servo motor) the box, if the user bends their finger in other places, the box will not be locked or unlocked. The code I have written for it seems correct, but the servo keeps shaking when I run it, and when I waving hand on the top area of the ultrasonic sensor, the servo can work without the flex sensor. I need to consult this problem at the workshop next week as well.