Week 11 - Beginning Portfolio and Prototype Feedback

Seamus Nash - Thu 21 May 2020, 10:35 am
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 4:54 pm

This week involved looking at my prototype feedback and where to go from there. The main pieces of feedback I have gotten was after using the elevator, I needed to give the user some positive feedback so that it could encourage them to interact with the system next time. Furthermore, it was stated that I should find a way to attract users who won't use the system at all. The team suggested some user research into this and that is my next step to see where I go with this.

Also, as some people don't know what power poses actually posit, a team suggested that I put a brief explanation of power poses before interacting with the system. I have thought this through and listening to Alistair's report back got me thinking that I could explain what power poses were before even entering the elevator so that will be the next step in the development of the prototype. I also did mention that I was going to try and make the elevator more portable, but due to time constraints if I don't get enough time to polish that off, I will stay with my original physical layout.

I also have begun doing my portfolio and will be incrementally adding into it as the due date creeps closer. My team has also had a brief chat about the final report and what that entails for us.

To reflect, as I received some quality feedback, it did struck me that in my prototype, I didn't really look back at what my concept "actually" needed to do. Instead, I focused more on the confidence of an office worker rather than the actual enhancement of a mundane space. Further down before the exhibit, I am going to go back to my requirements and objectives to make sure that I have hit every box in terms of criteria and outcomes so I can get the best possible result and more importantly get the most out of my users and fully determine if my prototype enhances the mundane space that is an elevator

For some inspiration, in terms of the portfolio as I am not the most skilled web designer, predominately CSS, I begun looking into really well designed CSS websites and I found CSS Zen Garden which gave me some inspiration on how I could design and display my content in an aesthetically pleasing way.