Week_11_Feedback & Reflection

Junxian Chen - Sun 21 June 2020, 2:33 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 2:54 pm

Improvements based on feedback

In the prototype demonstration of Week 11, I got a lot of feedback, this feedback pointed out the current problems of my product. Based on these feedbacks, I plan to make the next improvement plan for my product.

Hardware change plan:

According to the feedback and my testing, the pressure sensor does not perform its function well. Therefore, I decided to replace the pressure sensor with a more convenient and intuitive button. Combined with the previous test, the main disadvantage of the pressure sensor is that it is too sensitive, It is easily affected by other factors and greatly changes the reading value. Since the pressure sensor in the Arduino kit provided by the course is not working, I can only buy the pressure sensor myself. Compared with the pressure sensor provided by the school, the pressure sensor purchased by myself is different. The point is that it has an additional integrated circuit board. This means that this pressure sensor will be much heavier than the other. According to my tests, this extra weight is likely to be the main reason for the pressure sensor’s insensitivity.

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According to the data obtained by my test, when the user tilts the bracelet quickly, there is a high possibility that the reading data on the pressure sensor suddenly rises. I have been very careful during the test to ensure that the pressure sensor itself and his connection line are not in contact with other components. Under normal situation, the reading data on the pressure sensor floats around 100 ~ 300, but when the bracelet is suddenly tilted, the floating range of the reading may reach -50 ~ 450. Under such value fluctuations, It is very difficult to continue to use the pressure sensor. In the early experiments and calibration, I used a simple function to ensure that the final output reading of the pressure sensor became stable. However, considering that the user's final wearing experience, It will inevitably appear that the bracelet is quickly tilted. In this case, if I continue to use the pressure sensor, it may lead to unpredictable some bugs such as early start or termination of timing.

As a result, I finally decided to replace the pressure sensor with a simpler and more stable button. The pressure sensor's operating mechanism looks more cool. and compared with the small button, the pressure sensor has a larger interaction area. But the pressure sensor is too sensitive. The physical position of its location is very sensitive to changes. I think if I will have the opportunity to continue to use the pressure sensor in the future. I may install it on the fixed base station.

Reward mechanism plan:

Another important feedback I received was that as a product, I should think more about how to let users keep using my product for a long time. So far, all the functions of my product have been designed around the theme of "making annoying", this means that my product currently has no "direct benefit" to the user at all. It is foreseeable that there will be a great possibility that the user will no longer use my product in order to be "annoying" blindly. For this problem, I decided to add a certain reward mechanism to my product.

Since my product is currently on the theme of "instant punishment", that is, when the user sits for a long time, the user gets a noisy buzzer, whether the user chooses to use the snooze function or directly away, the impact from the buzzer is short. In contrast, I plan to use a "long-term reward mechanism" to increase the user's dependence on the product.

As a "long-term reward mechanism", it should include a recording system, and every time the user successfully leaves the signal range and waits for 5 minutes, it will be recorded as a successful "stand up". When the successful "stand up" is reached a certain number of times, users will be rewarded.

Appearance plan:

In addition to the function and hardware updates, I also noticed that there are many jumpers and wires on the current Prototype, which makes the entire product look like "unfinished". Therefore, in the future improvement, I should also consider adopting certain Design to make the final product not look like a prototype.