Week 11 Project Process

Annan Yuan - Sun 24 May 2020, 3:19 pm
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 1:51 am

Recap This Week

This week I cannot use the zoom to take the studio since there was something wrong with that and I am still working on that, I hope it can be used next week. Also, the zoom is not the only thing not to work well, my slack also had problems, and I couldn't reply or send messages on it. The good news is that Lorna and I figured out a solution to make sure we can still communicate well. We decided to do the report back via email if the slack and the zoom still not work in the next studio.


What is one good thing you can say about lockdown?

Cannot go to the campus makes me feel bad but I have to say, during this lockdown period, I do start to have organized days. I want to try to keep doing more and more things, because it's not easy for me to keep doing one thing, whether it's important or not. This time I spend more time with myself, which makes me want to live a more organized life. I also start small to manage myself. Whether it was from eating breakfast every day or exercising every day to making a daily plan for myself, these changes made me realize how much time I had wasted in the past. So during this lockdown, I think the most rewarding thing is to get along well with myself.

Based on feedback to date & what you have left to complete: What are your key priorities?

One of the most parts of my project that I have left is the physical shape building. My teammate and I have already ordered the materials that we are going to use, but it still has not been delivered yet. And I am still working on some coding areas to let my project work better. In this case, my key priorities must be the physical shape handmaking.

What concerns/questions do you have? (doesn't have to be directly project related)

Seriously, it's a really long time to stay at home, I am a little bit concerned about communication with other people. Of course, I talk with my friends and even staff in the shopping mall, but not like on the campus. Less social activities make me feel a little bit nervous about social someday.

In addition, during the completion of the project, I found that using a pressure sensor can hardly make all six petals receive pressure sensing. I'm thinking about turning the squeezable part of LOME onto the stamen so that the location is more concentrated, and there is enough space for the pressure sensor.