Week 11 Session 1

Chuike Lee - Sun 21 June 2020, 9:41 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 9:41 pm


Interactive Colour Mixing Carpet (ICMC)

One sentence: An animated interactive carpet that introduces colour mixing to PreK children.

Whew! Okay I can feel the adrenaline and anxiety for getting this done but it shouldn’t be too difficult, I suppose.

ICMC is intended to be a colour mixing carpet that introduces colour theory to Year 1 students. It will do so by having an animated character going around the scene collecting coins. The motivation for the little ones to engage in colour mixing is that they cannot collect the coins until they make the character match the coin they want to collect. How will they make the character match the coin? By using interactive gloves (still being revised), cubes (also being revised) that tare colour coded to colour in the character. By using just one colour (primary colour), they can colour in the character with said colour. However, if they need to collect a coin that has a secondary colour then they will need to combine colours to colour in the character. It sounds complicated at the moment but it is actually really simple.

For the next few weeks I have the following tasks on my list to improve the prototype.

  1. Reserve more time for video editing
  2. Soldering and Kinect Connection this Friday
  3. Spend time first getting things done I need help with (like connecting and coding Arduino)

Worked on multiplayer feature using Photon Networking

On a side note use the same feature for a VR project I am working on as well

Will try adopting player to move independently of each other

I reached out to Finland Education Experts and invited them to the exhibit that will happen on June 14. It was quite interesting and nerve racking for some reason but, I actually had the experience of pitching the concept professionally. I don’t know how to describe this experience really except it was productive, effective, and meaningful. It reminds me of the marketplace of a Makerspace environment. Really cool stuff. I am looking forward to the exhibit and excited about my family being able to see some of the work I have done as well as industry professionals.

At this point I am curious about how the exhibit will be online like, will we be able to record it, how will we showcase/ demonstrate our work? Also, will it be individual or simultaneously presented? I guess I am just concerned about the the natural flow of things, how the group will be presented, how will visitors participate in the exhibit. I guess I have a lot of questions surrounding this but it will be up to our team to iron this out together. I am confident that we will.

In terms of how I will setup for the online exhibit, I already have a layout in mind of how the concept will be projected, and presented. I would like to enhance the presentation a little and I am going with the suggestion of one of our tutors, Clay, to use OBS for video transition and dual camera display. I will set this up next week and see how it works.

I have a great appreciate the support we get pretty much around the clock regarding course content. Last week I spent most of the time working on Seminar presentation for thesis project. After this week I will be able to focus more on PhysComp submissions, and more specifically identify the prototype deadlines. Essentially, assess where the prototype is and where it needs to be for the upcoming exhibit.

Remember to site all sources: audio, code, inspiration, sources for video, literature contribution. I had to make a note of this because this has been a big project. A lot of tutorials have informed how I’ve coded some aspects of the ICMC and this will be pretty big to put together. It’s not necessarily difficult but it has been quite a lot resources used to inform the concept so I will organize how I document this information.