Week 12

Sean Lim - Wed 27 May 2020, 4:37 pm

What did we do ?

Today I met up with Fardeen to discuss about on how we can incorporate certain features into or teddy bear(Itsy). Based on my previous prototype, instead of using the buzzing board game, we were thinking of using the colour sensor to detect colours and using voice output to give instructions to the user. The user will then pick something of the same colour and show it to Itsy. Itsy will then tell the user to choose the right colour. Today we went to Kmart to get a teddy bear and try to put our stuff inside. We cut the mouth of the bear and stuff the colour sensor in while Fardeen solder his buttons and attach it on both arms of the teddy bear. We then test to see if the colour sensor is able to detect different colours. Next we recorded our voice for Itsy so that it can communicate with the kid.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

We did a test to see if Itsy is able to detect more colours and this time it worked. By changing the red green and blue frequency level of each, i was able to get the different colours.

What To Do Next ?

I will work on my portfolio soon after i finished the testing with this prototype. We will input the voice into Itsy so that it will tell the kid what to do.