week 12

Jenny Li - Sun 31 May 2020, 1:50 pm

What have I done?

With the prototype, I was focusing on user testing.


There are two users have tested the prototype and I have found a few problems that I need to improve about.

The rough test plan:

Designer explain the concept to testers. Then let the tester clearly know the task.

Observe the interaction and tester's behaviour. Write down the notes about the mistake tester make, the facial expression of the tester, what the tester say and do during the task and the task completion situation.

Interview the tester after. (experience, opinion, confusion, etc)

One of the notes
  1. Without the visual physical design (flower), user do not know where to speak to. So when the feedback is not accurate, the user tends to think that is the voice not loud enough.
  2. The keywords are hard to be recognized when they are in a sentence. User needs to speak the keywords separately to trigger the LED light.
  3. The keywords are not enough. There are always more answers then the keywords pool contains.
  4. The LED light is weak and hard to be noticed that they are enlightened.

What to do next?

Based on the findings above, I need to improve the prototype with the coding parts which can solve the findings 2 and 3.

Also, the visual design of the prototype will be built which can solve the problem from finding 1 and 4.

After the above step completed, more user test will be conducted which provide me with more alternatives before the final exhibition.

Will start to build my portfolio from early next week.