Week 12

Rika Matsubara-Park - Mon 1 June 2020, 12:01 am

This week I did some more work on my annotated portfolio. It’s been a while since I did any web design so it took me a wee bit of time and coding to get the hang of it again. I’ve chosen not to spend too much time on it, since it’s not as important as my actual prototype. I’ve mostly set up the visual aesthetic of it, and did some sketches before coding it in HTML and CSS to make the process easier. Some tweaks need to be made, but I’m more concerned about the actual content. When it comes to anything visual, I tend to overdo it and try to go out of my comfort zone. However in this case, I think it’s appropriate that I stay in my comfort zone and don’t get too creative with my annotated portfolio - keeping visual aesthetics to a minimum. Simple colours, simple code. Complex but understandable content.

To be honest, as personal as it may be, I have been dealing with mental health (as most people are) and the professional help I've been getting has just made things different for me - better in some ways, and worse in others. I'm truthfully very behind in my project, and I'm aware of the fact I have been avoiding doing the difficult things. I realised this last week, so I attempted to make a timetable to sort out the next few weeks - it's helped for the most part but the workload has still been overwhelming. I've gone through worse before, so I know I can get through it, but building the motivation is still a bit difficult, especially with the reminder that I failed to get motivated earlier in the semester. At this point I at least want something I can be proud of. I know my sister did well in this course, and I want to follow her in that path. I may not get the outcome I'd dreamed at the start of the year, but I just want something to be proud of, even if it just scrapes past the pass line.

I've got a new set up that will hopefully improve efficiency in all of my courses and commitments (with tutoring and an ongoing project with a client on the side, it has not been easy). I have seen an improvement in my productivity, and I only want to keep improving, even though it is near the end of the semester. I am still passionate about my project, and honestly if this all goes down the drain, I'd want to keep developing on it in my own time over the break.