Week 12

Gloria Phaik Hui Cheah - Fri 5 June 2020, 12:40 am

In trying to solve the problems with Vuforia having limited capabilities, I have been trying to find other alternatives that would still be able to represent the concept accurately, or adapting the concept to match while still keeping with the teamwork aspect.

Talking to the tutors helped, giving me the idea of gameplay that is similar to the sport curling, which I had never heard of before. Upon research, I was able to plan out a different system, using two accelerometers, assigning them as right and left respectively. I intend a model where right and left are hypothetically forces exerted on a 45 degree angle to the centre line on either side, and depending on how fast each side moves the resultant force becomes somewhere in between. This also means that like curling, the faster both move, the faster the ball moves and in whichever direction. This limits each team to 3 people, one with the phone and 2 cleaning, rather than flexible.

Scoring would be slightly different, the competitiveness being which team gets the most balls into the goal within a set period of time. This also allows further development for different modes such as quick rounds or versusing the computer or even missions to complete.

I spent the week getting accelerometers and learning how to use them, including i2c with the Arduino as well as researching about curling.

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