Week 12

Dimitri Filippakis - Sun 21 June 2020, 11:05 pm

Week 12 was a very busy time for me. Like every other student, lots to do to finalise our project. This included finishing of any iterations from feedback and ensuring that it is ready for the exhibit. With the exhibit creeping closer I want to ensure that I stay on top of the workload and work on it little by little.

Digital Build

This week was the begging of fixing my multiuser interaction so that it was usable. Up to this point I had mocked the testing and demonstration. Sadly, I tried to salvage the already existing code that I had so that it would work. Bellow is an example of one of the several issues that I had. In the image below there was an error that I coded that would make the words being said be registered as unidentified. Additionally, they would not disappear unless you refresh the cookies.


With all hope looking lost, I decided to bite the bullet and start from scratch. With a further dive into the speech recognition for web side I manage to find a very helpful tutorial. In this tutorial led me to another tutorial that the user had posted. This was the holy grail as it was exactly the help I needed. The tutorial can be seen here https://mdn.github.io/web-speech-api/phrase-matcher/ . With this by my side I was able to create a working speech recognition that would compare to an array of words that have been titled ‘the top 50 easiest words for charades’. With a few more tweaks I was able to get it working with my already made websites for the multiuser interaction (the introduction/starting/informative page).

With this completed all that was left for the digital side was to create audio clips and make all interaction automated.

Physical Build

For the physical build, I had to fix the Arduino button press as it was currently creating several pages when pressed . Due to it being an Arduino uno, it is difficult to find what I want for my prototype but I found something similar enough to work. Although needed to edit and apply it.


Portfolio wise I have started the initial design and have a guideline I want to follow. Background is all set and am writing away. Waiting on myself to finish the interactions and my friends to be free so I can start filming for the portfolio.