Week 12 - Documentation & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sun 31 May 2020, 3:41 am


Voice feedback

  • how dare you squeeze / squeeze my hand to match the colour
  • Instructions / talked about the games
  • Establish boundaries - ‘Owch that hurts!’


  • Painting on cottons/objects to match with the lights (easier to find closer colour with the lights
  • similar to the light colour: Only direct match colours coz chidden don't know how to read yet
  • Reinforcement to learn- put both colours and text on the patches
  • Be sensitive coz children will not be able to easily identifies different saturation of colours


  • Level the difficulties up: Define the pacing well - how quickly is the light turned
  • Focus on the nature of the interaction / experiences
  • Use the light sequence in the bear tummy (Try pixel strips
  • Voice input is not necessary

Our team agreed to get the same plush bear to implement the functions in to represent that the concept as a whole. I am currently working on combining the breadboard and the bear with speaker implemented. I have made patches with clays that have similar colour according to the lights for children to respond to as shown in the image below. The similar colour patches and the text allow children to learn faster about the spelling and practice their reaction speed.

Imgur Imgur


Imgur Imgur

I have developed the frame of my portfolio and I will start filling in the contents and polishing the website after the prototype is finalised. The portfolio includes the following parts: Home, concept, demonstration, design process, reflection and about me page. With those contents, I can clearly present to the users what I have been done over the semester.

Future work - Prototype

My goal for next week

  • Get the blue LED for the light implementation
  • Build the speaker and store the audio feedback/instructions
  • Combine what I have developed in the bear