Week 12 – Last-Minute Changing Direction

Liony Lumombo - Sun 31 May 2020, 10:36 pm

This semester is almost finished. I happened to mix up the deadline for every course in this semester. Thanks to coordinators who send reminder through email so that I can go back to the line.

I interviewed an ex-teacher for the thesis project this week. While doing that, I found the information that is related to my Physical Computing project. My thesis project is to find out about what children want or what is the best game for children. Based on the interviewee, children like to use something magically. The characteristic of children is curiosity. They like to use something like spy glasses or torch that can show hidden objects.

I wanted to make projected AR game to teach programming last time. Because of the many problems I got, I decided to make something different but still the same concept. I change the way users see the game. I use the phone instead of the projected image. I plan to create the phone looks like the magnifying glass with the shape of a square, not a standard circle. So, users can see the virtual object than can only be seen through the magnifying glass. They need to explore everything in the virtual world through a small screen. They will not know the answer directly. They need to read every marker to get the correct answer. To create this thing, I need a selfie stick and the phone, but I don't have the phone holder yet. I will get it tomorrow. After that, I will cover it with a paper frame.


Also, I want to change the way of the game environment. It can be played with more than one users as long as they have the "player marker". I break the board marker, and each answer will have its physical tag, not only virtual like before. I will use https://brosvision.com/ar-marker-generator/ to generate it. It is easier than create it by myself. I will make eight markers for the answer part. The problem that always comes related to this is about bit depth of the image. As for the digital part, I think it will be more comfortable to be handled because I finished with the core function.


I have decided to recycle the portfolio website from last semester. I will change the content and some pictures.