Week 13

Alistair Harris - Sun 31 May 2020, 5:01 pm

Report Back

What is my Concept?

My concept is an interactive elevator that helps people have fun in the mundane space by facilitating collaboration with other riders to achieve the same goal in getting to a floor.

What have I done this week?

The main focus this week has been on putting the portfolio together and building on that. I have added a cool little part that says what my concept is and about who the team members of CDI are and what their degree/majors are. This can be seen in the two images below.

Imgur Imgur

I definitely am a little rusty in HTML and CSS but I think with all the tutorials out their I should be able to achieve the kind of styled website that I am looking for. There is still a lot to do on the website before the exhibit so I will keep getting content to add to that and then also move towards finalising my prototype. This will include adding some cool features and ideas that people gave me in the comments section on Mirro.

Issues & Concerns

Mainly the issue is doing the live demonstration during the exhibit and I guess showing people how this works. It is an elevator so obviously it won't actually be able to accurately demonstrate going to a floor or failing to go to a floor because a person got the answer wrong. This is frustrating but it is just the nature of this type of project. Also because it is in the bathroom, other family members might need to go in there so hopefully I can send them on a nice holiday (haha) so they don't interrupt the presentation.

Moving Forward

Over the next week I will be switching my focus back onto the prototype just so I can make sure there isn't any problems that can't be fixed by the due date. Once this is complete I will start taking photos and videos to provide the audience a visual perspective of how the concept should function. Let's hope it all goes to plan!