Week 13

Thomas Saly - Thu 4 June 2020, 10:46 am


After this weeks contact, we sat down as a team and tried to entirely combine our code so that all team members' prototypes have all the functionality. We found it was not as easy as expected. Since some of the solutions are hardcoded and the orientation of everyone's accelerometer is a little differently placed in the different balls some functions are still very unreliable. In addition, sometimes the code seems to skip some part, exactly why we are not sure of yet. Although some of this is due to a lack of planning, I feel that much of this would have been avoided if we would have worked in closer proximity to each other and thereby work more efficiently. I am lucky that I live in the same apartment as one of my team members which means that we've been able to coordinate with each other much more efficiently than our other team members. It has been surprising to me that although most of our complex work has been done digitally that it still is so much easier to coordinate and discuss problems and solutions in person, or at least that is true for me, not sure how this affects other people. However, based on my current evidence, my team at the very least works much more efficiently in person rather than online.

Work to be Done

Obviously, based on what is written above, work still remains since our prototypes are still not functioning well together at this moment. Although we have some older version of the code with only partial functionality which can be reverted to for the exhibit and have more components simulated it would, of course, be much better to have everything working.

Besides this, I still have some work to be done on the website, which, with some luck, will be finished on Friday, giving me plenty of time to get it up and running. Based on what we were told in the contact I fear that I have gone a little too much in-depth on how my prototype works than was intended, however, since I've already done the work I might as well show it of and, if it would be too much, simply condense it before the final delivery.

Finishing it a little early means that I can focus more on my Thesis since this course has required much time in the form of individual and team components, leaving little time to work on my Thesis. That said, I'm still not entirely sure how this semester would have been different if COVID-19 would not have been. Although some things have become more challenging, I also feel, since we've been confined to our home for some time, that some things have become more efficient. That said, no matter what would be more effective, I much prefer doing things in person and I'm very happy that this is my last semester, meaning I'll not be participating in another online semester. I know now that if I were ever to study again it would be in person, not an online course.