Week 13

Zhuoran Li - Mon 8 June 2020, 1:39 am
Modified: Fri 12 June 2020, 3:41 pm

Most of the focus is on building the website. And I also made some changes in Unity.


This is the final week. These are the final try on the Unity.


The accelerometer in the mobile phone is used to detect the movement of the mop. I install the phone on the mop.

Imgur Imgur

I used paper to build simple support. Not quite beautiful, but useful.


Scene change

The scene change is based on the function SceneManager.LoadScene("sceneName").

Imgur Imgur


I also use a countdown before the ball is served. The number is put on the plane. I used the Invoke function to control the time of the countdown.



I still use the design of my personal website. Check this link https://phthisic.github.io/

The difference is I changed the navigation list. To build the website for DECO7385. I used a home page to briefly introduce the project and myself.


On the concept page, I used a video to demonstrate the process of playing. To ensure fluency when viewing the webpage. I insert the videos inside the text. Each video is less than 1 minute expect the concept video.


The page is quite long, and many images and videos have been put into it. Therefore, inside each section, I used a sub-navigation for the audience to view the content.



Actually, all of the content is based on the index page. I separate different content into several sections and use the display property to control them.

The fadeIn is used to control the animation when show the webpage. So it would not be too unexpected.


The section that is showing on the current page has a white background in the navigation bar. This is also controlled by the JS. The key function is the addClass and removeClass. Siblings function is used to focus on other sections that haven't shown.