Week 13

Jen Wei Sin - Fri 12 June 2020, 2:19 pm
Modified: Fri 12 June 2020, 3:38 pm

Work done

This week was all about getting stuff together, the prototype I have been working on for the past few weeks was looking to be on track for the exhibition but there were a few minor components that I had to fix up. One of them was the circuitry of my board, whilst prototyping I did not care too much of the physical form and presentation of the final delivery so I spent some time working on tidying up the wires, wrapping them up with electrical tape and securing them neatly on my main board. Besides that, I worked on securing all components together and edging my board with tape to provide a more finished outcome, ready for the final presentation.

As part of the final delivery, an individual website portfolio needed to be created to outline the development of the concept. A large proportion of this week was dedicated to pitching 13 weeks of content into a concise yet insightful document for potential readers to explore. The main challenge for me however was coding the HTML pages. I recently had an assessment piece that utilized PHP for web dev so I had to switch that part of my brain off and utilize pure HTML to code this portfolio. I also consider myself to be a pretty plain and uncreative individual which made it hard to apply some of my flare to the individual portfolio. In the end, I decided to follow a very simple and minimalistic design throughout my webpage that utilized a lot of white space as content dividers and to make the page look less cluttered as there was a lot of text that was included. I tried my best to be as concise as possible without losing the value and insights I gained over the past semester but we will see how that goes.

In the next week, I aim to be done with the major components of the final deliverable by Monday, allowing time for small changes over the next two days before the exhibition. I have already tested the prototype and it works for now so I am planning to leave it alone in hopes that I won’t break it before the exhibition. Besides that, I plan on repositioning my desk and computer to prepare for the demo on Wednesday to help with reducing clutter in my background.

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the design of my website was inspired by the designer Sean Halpin(http://seanhalpin.io/) as I liked his simplistic yet fun approach to web design.