Week 13

Peiquan Li - Fri 12 June 2020, 10:31 pm
Modified: Fri 12 June 2020, 10:38 pm

Get back on track

After last week's failed attempts, we have to go back to mechanical solutions, to try to use structural design to match the detect range of the FSR and the weight of people. And that’s how we deliver for the final product.

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Physical form

The main component of this product is the mat with two pressure sensors. The mat is built up by a PVC board as a panel and 4* 600mm steel shelves support under the panel, we use glue to bond steel bars and the panel. Two pressure sensors are placed on the two-foot extensions (from Wii Balance Board), which are close to the PVC board. There are two protrusions on each foot extension that allows force from the panel to act directly on the pressure sensor. Note that each sensor’s pressure measuring range is from 20g to 6kg, and we use some mechanical design to overcome this, now the mat can hold an adult’s weight and the pressure sensor works within range.

Connect Arduino to Unity

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Arduino is used to read analog from pressure sensor and set up into two levels for Unity to catch signals. Unity will keep monitoring serial’s signal and discarding data from the serial driver's receive buffer to lower communication’s delay. The signal will be used to control patterns’ play and stop.

Connect Arduino with LED strips


The pressure sensor is also used to control LED strips, each time when user step on the pressure sensor, the LED will change its light randomly.

Prototype test