Week 13

Shuang Wu - Fri 12 June 2020, 10:27 pm

It comes to the final stage of the project that every team member has to stay together and combines all the work. We spent 3 days together for building physical installations and evaluating.

All the devices in our peoject would occupy a big space, and also there are many devices (3 IR receivers, Radar ranging, voice recognition...) Therefore we decided to remove some devices from bread board and extend them with longer wire. We first labled the wires with post-it note to prevent confusion. And then used electic iron connect the series circuits. We sticked LED and IR receiver on a printed zombie.


To make sure all the devices can work together perfectly, we made evaluations ourselves. For examplem, we tested the interval of zombie's attack sound, we tried arrangements of the IR reveivers with different distance and angle, we tried the safe zone for the Radar ranging. Finally, we came to the fianl arrangemnt.