week 13

Dimitri Filippakis - Mon 22 June 2020, 12:00 am
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 12:08 am

With the last week of classes, it was both exciting to see the end coming closer but also very stressful with all the work upcoming. We started the studio with explain to everyone what has been nice with the ease of restrictions. Although since I have been working and seeing my colleagues, the only difference has been my uni work – so it felt the same for me.


I had finished the prototype, both interactions. This included the automated interactions as well as the audio information that automatically played. I also made the website a bit prettier so that users would like the display. you can view my prototype here in my portfolio:

Single User Interaction

Multiuser Interaction


For the portfolio I had completed everything. The video was completed in which I had my friends over so I could film them. After filming them I went back to Vegas studios and edited it all together. Although for this video I found that I was going for more a voice overlay then my previous videos. Video seen below.

With the website I had trouble incorporating the prototype as they were web based but in the end, I got it working. I also filled out all the information in the website. For the content of the website I found myself stuck asking myself ‘is this too much content’. As it was a website, I didn’t want to overload the user with too much information but I want to make sure the reader knew my thought process. The link to my portfolio can be seen here:


The next couple days will be focused on the team report as well as the critical reflection.